Custom Manufacturing

Your Partner In Manufacturing Amazing Supplements

“Our team is dedicated to be your partner in most efficiently manufacturing your growing natural supplements business to scale. Manufacturing custom vitamins and supplements can be a work-intense job. From formulation to sourcing to encapsulation; we can take care of everything for you at the highest quality achievable. We can give the best deadlines on the market, working with a very competitive multidisciplinary team that just delivers probably the best terms and quality. Our turn-key manufacturing is your best option because we found the best combined formula of the most efficient manufacturing forces we worked over the years. We started our experience distributing hundreds of supplements in the world from suppliers from all over the world. We studied all the aspects: best ingredients combined ( efficiency, uniqueness factors, required results), best delivery deadlines, best prices. When we started to produce the first supplements we already had the best connections considering the those coordinates and we came up with the perfect team into delivering your perfect product.”

Johannes Gerardus S.

Regenswiss Pharma President

What Differentiates Us from Other Vitamin Manufacturers?

Our team of knowledgeable Production Specialists will work with you throughout the vitamin manufacturing process to create a custom product from scratch or update your existing formula to maximize your sales.